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Posted on 30 June 2016


(Acer saccharum)
Origin: Eastern North America (native in Ontario)
Zone: 4

It seems fitting to feature this product with Canada Day this week. The Sugar Maple is the classic Canadian maple tree.

It is the sugar maple's leaf that you see on the Canadian flag and the Toronto Maple Leafs logo. Its sap is used to make maple syrup.

Read on to see if this tree would be an asset to your yard!


Description: A large, deciduous tree that can grow as old as 200 years or more.

Best Suited for:
... deep, rich, moist, yet well-drained soil.
... can tolerate shade, but grows best in full-sun.

Buy this Product if:
... you are looking for a large tree, that reaches both up and out.
... you are wanting to create shade in your yard.
... you want bright green leaves in the spring/summer and beautiful yellows, reds and oranges in the fall.

Take note:
... of where you plant this tree. Its roots are deep and wide spreading and can cause damage to close structures, sidewalks, etc.











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