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Early Spring Gardening

Posted on 16 July 2015

If you're like most avid gardeners, when the weather starts to turn milder and the days get lighter, you start itching to get out and get your hands dirty in the garden. But those early spring days are too soon for that planting we are longing to do. Here are a few tips on what you could be doing in the beginning of the season to fill your gardening desires and get started on the perfect garden for the season ahead.

1. Clean up debris. Rake up all last year's leaves that didn't get cleaned up in the fall. This will allow for grass and soil under the ground to warm quicker in the early spring sun and get the season started a littler sooner.

2. Prune back bushes and trim up plants that need some work. Pruning helps to keep them healthy and full, and doing so in early spring before the plant comes out of hibernation helps to avoid disease.

3. Clean bird feeders. Many people love feeding our flying friends, and love having them visit us in our yards. But feeding from old, dirty feeders can actually be harmful to our backyard companions. Taking the time to clean your feeder, and replace older ones can ensure that our visitors will remain healthy.

4. Take the time to plan for the season ahead. Read up on native plants in your area, and check zoning for plants you are not familiar with to ensure any new additions to your garden will be able to thrive.

Enjoy the coming season, and happy gardening!


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